About Me

About Me

“why be vanilla, when you can have sprinkles”

Children’s Books Author, Daydreamer, Storyteller, Mother of 3, Book Junkie, Extroverted Introvert, Creator of things… That’s me.

My Beginnings

Storytelling is my passion

As a young child I loved to create. Every year on Santa’s wish list I would ask for a craft bag – so a craft bag I got! You name it pipe cleaners, felt, foam balls, glitter, googly eyes, air dry clay, paint, more glitter… you get the idea. And now I get to create with my kids


This paired with storytelling is my passion.


While some kids played with Barbies and Tonka Trucks, I entertained myself with a pencil and pad. Daydreaming and doodling – that was me. I loved reading and being read to, which only fed my imagination more and spawned my love for storytelling.

Ignite Imagination

never stop reading

I ventured into Marketing and fifteen years later, after having 3 kids, and inspiring imagination in their little minds, through reading with them every day – my own inspirations of shooting for the stars and following my dreams as a writer returned.


I’ve had a hard road getting there, but I can now finally say as a self-published author – it’s been worth it.


My writing spurs fun. I’m not writing to win awards, to fill a genre gap on my ‘list’ or hit the latest market trends. I’m writing because I want to ignite imagination in others. With every book I write, I hope I can motivate both kids and parents to enjoy the simple happiness of reading and sharing a book. It’s an awesome feeling when I know I’m helping families create moments like these together, so never stop reading!


Happy reading!

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